Welcome to Funny Farm Foods. We’re a small women/employee owned company passionate about goat milk products and excited to be introducing and expanding this unique line of products across the country. We are driven by the amazing health benefits of goat milk products as well as our love and respect for our animals and the sustainable ways they help us source better food. We send a heartfelt tip of the hat to the hard-working farmers and their families that work their farms 7 days a week feeding, caring for, milking and making these delicious cheeses that allows us the opportunity to introduce these amazing products.

Our commitment to animal welfare through ethical treatment and humane standards are our guiding principles. We hope to bring education and awareness of goat milk benefits to consumers and the food industry. We seek to help other farms in the goat milk industry because we recognize that market demand is far larger than the national production and availability. Together we can support one another sharing experience as well as the advances in technology and research. This allows us all to produce a better and safer dairy product while finding efficiencies along the way to meet more of the market demand with less waste. Do your own research on the trending benefits of goat milk and you will quickly learn why we consider it the best. “Know more, live better.”™